These  are  some  of  my  experiments,  manifestations  of  weird thoughts  and  just  simply some models,  which  ether  have  a  story behind  them,  a  vague feeling of incompleteness  or  an  attempt  to outline a  divine  proportion  relative  to  the spaces in between...

       An  artist/inventor,  throughout   their  life,  tries   different   ways, chooses certain patterns of behavior and expresses ones thoughts in different  materials,  manners,  to  find  a  way  to  not  only  deliver  a one  way   message,   but   to  convincingly  convey  aclear vision of oneself that may  surround  a  subject,  related  to a collective past of human  race,  the  present  matter  of  global  issues,  or  the  internal state  of  one's consciousness. 



Here  are  the for  studies  of  shape  morphology,  related  to  the  morphic resonance  theory put out by a scientist named Rupert Sheldrake. Alongside with the shapes you can see the drawings that I've made,  attempting  to  see  certain  patterns  in biological forms such as the fractal geometry in the growth of a cauliflower. 


  These structures are in the process of finding a way to translate the shapes of the forces that pull and expand, brake and construct imaginary
spaces within one's mind. This one is hard to explain, so I'd rather try to expand on this subject via creating more of these sculptures.